An Opinionated Go Framework

For accelerated microservice development

package main
import "gofr.dev/pkg/gofr"
func main() {
app := gofr.New()
app.GET("/hello", func(c *gofr.Context) (interface{}, error) {
return "Hello GoFr!", nil

Battle Tested at Enterprise Scale

Built over years running production workload at great scales in variety of industries.

Out of the box Observability

Goodness of Metrics, Traces and Logs without a single line of code. Traces to OpenTelemetry compatible providers, Metrics in Prometheus Format.

REST Standards by default

Default behaviour is how 'you' would design a REST API. Status codes, response formats - all taken care by GoFr automagically.

What I like about GoFr is that it plays well with the standard CI/CD infrastructure, deployment environment, and every additional tool in between. Also, it solves for the 80% cases, thus, ensuring we only focus on our core business

Praveen Kumar
Founder of apnerve labs

The strong opinions embedded in GoFr.dev make it incredibly efficient and straightforward to work with. It's like having a trusted expert guiding your every move. The framework's Golang foundation ensures exceptional performance and reliability. If you're serious about microservices, this is a must-try

Vineet Dwivedi
Founder & CEO at LaunchX