GoFr Configuration Options

This document lists all the configuration options supported by the Gofr framework. The configurations are grouped by category for better organization.

App Configs

Name: APP_NAMEDescription: Name of the applicationDefault Value: gofr-app
Name: APP_ENVDescription: Name of the environment file to use (e.g., stage.env, prod.env, or local.env).
Name: APP_VERSIONDescription: Application versionDefault Value: dev
Name: LOG_LEVELDescription: Level of verbosity for application logs. Supported values are DEBUG, INFO, NOTICE, WARN, ERROR, FATALDefault Value: INFO
Name: REMOTE_LOG_URLDescription: URL to remotely change the log level
Name: REMOTE_LOG_FETCH_INTERVALDescription: Time interval (in seconds) to check for remote log level updatesDefault Value: 15
Name: METRICS_PORTDescription: Port on which the application exposes metricsDefault Value: 2121
Name: HTTP_PORTDescription: Port on which the HTTP server listensDefault Value: 8000
Name: GRPC_PORTDescription: Port on which the gRPC server listensDefault Value: 9000
Name: TRACE_EXPORTERDescription: Tracing exporter to use. Supported values: gofr, zipkin, jaeger.Default Value: gofr
Name: TRACER_HOSTDescription: Hostname of the tracing collector. Required if TRACE_EXPORTER is set to zipkin or jaeger.
Name: TRACER_PORTDescription: Port of the tracing collector. Required if TRACE_EXPORTER is set to zipkin or jaeger.Default Value: 9411
Name: CMD_LOGS_FILEDescription: File to save the logs in case of a CMD application